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Sizzle Reel

Positive Influences:  


The cover track from Bonnie Lee’s latest CD, has been nominated by MAC/ASCAP as outstanding song of the year. Her hilarious musical,


Split Ends

is currently playing at:

 The Triad Theatre at: 158 West 72nd Street

 Call for reservations: 212-849-2791.


Also keep an eye and ear open for information on her latest production based on the life of Mae West. Rumor also has it that she is presently working on a new project called:


“The Exciting Road From Nowhere”


Our sources tell us that it is a fanciful comedic operetta about two good natured alcoholic songwriters institutionalized after the failure of their first Broadway production.

Two new and interesting projects are now being developed with: Genius-Boy
Tommy Higens

“The Exciting Road From Nowhere”

Original Music Score by Bonnie Lee Sanders and Ellen Schwartz

A comedic take on the music biz as seen through the eyes of two lunatic women who went off the deep end. This new project deals with their recovery and how they change the lives of the people they encounter through their extraordinary compositions.


The Latest News


Sources tell us that “The Exciting Road From Nowhere” is set to be released as a two CD set in April 2009. The set includes a storyline and songbook on disk one and bonus disk featuring interviews with cast and characters. The two disk set will be released in E-BOOK format and will be available through:


“The Free Speech Emporium”

Ritzy - Ritzy - Rags

Ritzy – Ritzy – Rags: This story still in development is the story of an exceptionally astute but none the less sensitive dog that becomes the center of a custody battle between a high-powered corporate lawyer and his estranged ex-hippie wife. This project is expected to be completed and ready for production by February 2010

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